Webinar Recording: Gender Equality in Nicaragua

Alliance for Global Justice and the Nicaraguan Network Present

the Webinar:

Nicaragua’s Amazing Advances in Gender Equality



Shaira Downs Morgan, Council President

Nicaragua’s South Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region


Yorlis Gabriela Luna, popular educator and agricultural researcher

Latin American Agroecological Institute, Via Campesina in Nicaragua


In this webinar, Nan McCurdy describes awards and recognition Nicaragua has received for gender equality and overall advances for women.  Yorlis Gabriela Luna considers the effect on her life and on the lives of women around her, of advances for women since 2007 when the Sandinistas regained the presidency.  Shaira Downs Morgan discusses advances for women on the Caribbean Coast and more.


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More about the speakers:

Shaira Downs Morgan is an Afro-descendant woman from Corn Island on the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua.  Since her youth she has been dedicated to community advancement including cultural promotion, access to health and education, and sports and recreation.  After receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration in 2008, she was elected to the Municipal Council of Corn Island.  In 2014 she was elected to the Southern Caribbean Coast Regional Autonomous Council, holding the position of Government Coordinator from 2016 to 2019 before becoming President of the Directive Board.  

Yorlis Gabriela Luna is a Nicaraguan popular educator and an agricultural researcher specializing in native bees. She is a Facilitator at the Latin American Agroecological Institute of the Via Campesina in Nicaragua. She has a master’s in Mathematical Sciences and is currently working on a doctorate in Ecology and Society.

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